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Gilda Razani, born in Iran, is a german-iranian theremin musician, composer and music producer.

The Beginnings 

Gilda Razani completed a saxophone master class with Sigurd Rascher in 1994 and her saxophone studies with a master’s degree at the Detmold University of Music in 1997. 

From 2010 to 2016 she learned to play the theremin, also called termenvox, from Lidija Kawina, Leon Theremin’s grandniece, and Carolina Eyck. 

Gilda Razani plays on an Etherwave Pro and a Claravox Centennial Theremin from Moog Music.

Solo Activities

In 1992 she performed as a saxophone soloist under the direction of Karlheinz Stockhausen with Simon Stockhausen in his work Sternenklang and in 2005 she gave concerts with the Sicilian Jazz Orchestra with her own saxophone compositions in Palermo/Italy. In 2006, Razani appeared on the  german television Die Harald Schmidt Show with the Helmut Zerlett Band and in 2008 she gave several concerts with the International Peace Band with Trilok Gurtu, John Lee, Wolfgang Lackerschmid and Roy Assaf in southern Germany. In 2012, Razani played the saxophone part in the Threepenny Opera under the direction of Paul Wallfisch at the theatre Dortmund  and in 2018 she played the virtuoso theremin part in the opera La Finta Giardiniera under the direction of Marc Johnson at the Baden-Baden theatre for one season. She performed at the Altmark Festival in 2020, where she played the world premiere of the theremin work Selma by Reinhard Seehafer with the Staatskapelle Weimar and appeared as a thereminist in the german television Kitsch oder Kasse in 2020. In 2022 she played the theremin part of the piece Twilight Zone / Twilight Tone on the grammynominated album Fifty by the American vocal group The Manhattan Transfer with the WDR Funkhausorchester, arranged by Vince Mendoza. Razani performed as a theremin soloist at the concert house  Dortmund in 2023 with the Star Trek film music and orchestra.

Activities with her own Bands

Razani has performed throughout Europe, including Lithuania, Estonia, Great Britain, Italy, Romania, Russia and the United States. She has played at festivals such as the Afterhills Festival (Romania), Fusion Festival (Germany), Les Digitales (Switzerland), Jazzprovince Festival (Russia) and the Leverkusener Jazztage. 

Gilda Razani has been working with piano player, composer and keyboarder Hanzō Wanning in all her own bands since 2002. 

The duo Gilda Razani/Hanzō Wanning, founded in 2001, became the Gilda Razani Group in 2002. The quintet with, among others, Rhani Kriija, percussion and Hans Steinmeier guitar, played their own modern jazz compositions. 

Razani founded Gilda Razani & Sub.vision in 2003, for which she composed three albums. The music can be classified as jazz with elements of world music. Razani used the instruments saxophone and flute and recorded her albums with changing line-ups. Band members have included Thomas Alkier on drums, Bruno Speight on electric guitar, Martin Furmann on bass, Oliver Siegel on synthesizer and Benny Mokross on percussion. In 2008 they were awarded the RWE Artist Award for the production of the recording Remembrance. Benny Mokross described the Subvision Italy tour in his 2021 book, …but you can’t park here! 

The formation About Aphrodite emerged from Sub.vision in 2014, for which Razani composed four albums. The music can be categorized between jazz, rock music and electronic music and she worked with guests such as Djamel Laroussi vocals/guitar and Fethi Ak percussion. In this band, Razani used the theremin, the saxophone, the pipe from Somasynths and the aerophone. In 2018, they were joined by drummer Jaime Moraga Vasquez, who played on the album Future Memories. In 2018, Razani arranged her works from the album Polaris for string quartet and band. The Duisburg Philharmonic Orchestra took part in the concerts. 

Razani and Wanning founded the formation Honey Bizarre in 2023, whose music can be classified as electronic music by also using acoustic instruments like the piano. Razani uses the theremin and the pipe from Somasynths, among other instruments. Honey Bizarre works together with the video artist Mario Simon, with whom they developed the Iran project Honey Bizarre – Shirin Again in 2023.

Other Activities 

From 2003 to 2009, Gilda Razani played soprano saxophone in the large-scale world music formation Transorient Orchestra and contributed to the albums Karadeniz 2005 and Live im Katakomben Theater 2009. Around Razani founded 2005 the formation of the international women’s band Hikary with Natsuko Inada, piano, Japan, Alexandra Gerhard-García, drums, Venezuela, Patty Stucky, vocals/electronics, Switzerland and Bettina Hagemann, violin/bass, Germany with their own compositions in the field of jazz and rock music. They have performed several times in Italy, including at the first European women’s festival in Modena/Italy in 2006 and in Rome and Frascati/Italy in 2009. Since 2006, Razani has been part of the large-scale crossover formation The Dorf, with whom she recorded several albums and won the Ruhr Jazz Prize in 2013 and the WDR Jazz Prize in 2020 and contributed her own theremin compositions to the album Modular Session 15 – ‚The Battle of the Robots‘ by Mark Jenkins/London in 2022. From 2014 to 2019 she was a lecturer for saxophone and theremin at the Technical University of Dortmund, has been producing radio play music and film music for West German Broadcasting Cologne and ARD since 2015 and founded the sound branding agency Honeysounds in 2023.

Catalog of Works


with Duo Razani/ Wanning
*2002: Duo live (Munichrecords) 

with Gilda Razani & Sub.vision 
*2005: Bazaar (Traumton Records)
*2009: Remembrance (Timelinerecords)
*2012;Nashira (ESC Records)

with About Aphrodite
*2014: Ocean Lily (Aztek Electronic Music)
*2015: Factor X (Aztek Electronic Music)
*2018: Polaris (Floating World Records)
*2020: Future Memories (Floating World Records)

with Manhattan Transfer
*2022: Fifty (Manhattan Transfer mit dem WDR Funkhausorchester Köln, Craft Recordings) 


with Honey Bizarre
*2023: Little Deep Miss Strange (Floating World Records)
*2023: LaGrange Game (Floating World Records)
*2024: Amaryllis (RosenundPralinen Records) 

Radioplay music
*2018: Mit Volldampf durch die Wüste, WDR KiRaKa
*2019: Anne und die Bankräuber, WDR KiRaKa
*2020: Der Weihnachtsmann-Auflauf, WDR KiRaKa
*2021: Marie Ka Ih – Schluss mit Gurkensalat, WDR KiRaKa
*2023: Florentine Blix, WDR KiRaKa

Film music
*2015: #weltuntergang: Der Sommer, der ins Wasser fiel, Regie Christian Dassel, Clemens Gersch *2015: .#jesuischarlie:Ein Hashtag und die Folgen
*2015: #fluechtlinge – was sind wir für ein Land
*2015: #germanwings – die Katastrophe. Rückblick und Gedenken 
*2016: #land_unter – Der Unwetter-Sommer
*2016: #monsterstau – Stillstand ist unser Leben!
*2017: #koelnhbf – die silvesternacht und ihre Folgen
*2017: schrecklichschön: weihnachten
*2017: schrecklichschön: geschenke, geschenke
*2017: Die schönsten Mausmomente
*2018: Die Wunde meiner Stadt – Asli, Duisburg und die Loveparade,
*2018: #jahrhundertsommer – Sonne satt und Schattenseiten 

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