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Gilda Razani, born in Iran, started her musical career with her home organ, on which she improvised as a child without lessons. Then she acquired a grand piano, with that she had her first bands and gigs.

She studied classical saxophone with a masters degree and took jazz lessons.

During this time she had the honor to be part of the work ‚Sternenklang‘ from Karl-Heinz Stockhausen, directed by himself.

Gilda met her musical companion Hanzō Wanning, with whom she recorded many albums and founded the bands  Duo Gilda Razani/ Hanzō Wanning, Gilda Razani Group, Sub.vision, About Aphrodite and Honey Bizarre.

She composed some film music and radio plays with him for the West German Broadcasting Cologne

and developed Honeysounds. This means, that people or companies can get a unique sound composed and produced by them for their name or company logo.

Gilda discovered theremin for herself and became more and more interested in electronics.

This is also how she came to the instruments somasynthpipe and the aerophone.

Gilda Razani is one of the few professional theremin players. She enjoys playing classically but also using electronic effects to make more contemporary rock sounds – using an electric guitar – like sound to emulate a great inspiration for her, Jimi Hendrix.

Some special highlights for her were that she had the honor of performing with her theremin  on the grammy nominated album Fifty by Manhattan Transfer with the Funkhaus Orchestra Cologne on the track Twilight Zone/ Twilight Tone. It was arranged by Vince Mendoza. She played the theremin part of the world premiere Selma with the Staatskapelle Weimar at the Altmark Festspiele and played the virtous theremin part in the opera Mozart La Finta Giardiniera at the Baden- Baden theatre. Also she played with theremin and orchestra  the StarTrek music at the Dortmund Concert Hall.

Of course she loves to play in her own formations Honey Bizarre, About Aphrodite and with her solo project My Theremin Orchestra. Also with other ensembles and bands like the Dorf too, wherever they take place such at the theatre, events, the department store, mountains, concert halls, on the road and at festivals around the world.

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