Gilda Razani  Theremin / Saxophone/ Voice/ Live Electronic/ Contemporary Composer/ Producer/ Classical/ Jazz

Iranian born Gilda Razani has worked with many musicians , bands, ensembles, conductors and orchestras among others with Hans Wanning, Karl Heinz Stockhausen, Marc Johnson, Trilok Gurtu, John Lee, Sub.vison, Hikary, Helmut Zerlett Band, Paul Wallfisch, The Dorf, Bescay, Max Raabe, Opera Baden- Baden, Theatre Dortmund, Transorient Orchestra, Helmut Schmidt Show, Djangos Orientologie Orchestra, Geierabend, Sicilian Jazz Orchestra, Duisburger Symphony Orchestra.

She played in the Threepenny Opera at the Dortmund Theatre, the virtous theremin part in the opera Mozart  „La finta giardiniera“, at the Baden- Baden Theatre, also under the direction of Karl Heinz Stockhausen his work „Sternenklang“. She is part of the electronic chamber opera „Oper, Skepsis and Gleisbau – alles gut“ , composed by Frank Niehusmann.

Festivals and Tours
Gilda has performed at many festivals arround the world among other things at the Leverkusener Jazzdays Germany, Jazzkaarfestival Estonia, Juicy beats Germany, Jazz Province Festival Russia, Afterhills Festival Romania, Spirit of the Woodstockfestival Italia, Donne in Musica Italia, Fusionfestival Germany, Les Digitales Suisse, Skandaloes Festival Germany, Klangtherapie Festival Germany, Tropen Tango Festival Germany. Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival Germany, Moers Festival Germany, European Women’ s Jazz Festival Italy, Jazzfestival Groningen Netherlands, Klarafestival Bruxelles Belgium. Also she toured with her bands through many countries.

Compositions and Productions
Gilda is a composer and producer.
All recordings with her bands Sub,vison and About Aphrodite are their own compositions and productions in collaboration with her long standing companion Hans Wanning including

* Duo live, Munichrecords 2002
* Bazaar, Traumtonrecords 2005
* Remembrance, Timelinerecords 2009
* Nashira, ESC Records 2012
* Ocean Lily, Aztek Electronic Music 2014
* Factor X, Aztek Electronic Music 2015
* Polaris, Floating World Records 2018

Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning are working for German television.
Since 2015 they have composed and produced numerous film scores and radioplays for the WDR (West German Broadcasting, Cologne)

* #weltuntergang: Der Sommer, der ins Wasser fiel , 2015
* #jesuischarlie: Ein Hashtag und die Folgen , 2015
* #fluechtlinge – was sind wir für ein Land , 2016
* #germanwings – die Katastrophe. Rückblick und Gedenken , 2016
* #land_unter-Der Unwetter-Sommer 2016
* #monsterstau – Stillstand ist unser Leben! 2016
* #koelnhbf , 2016
* schrecklichschön: weihnachten, 2016
* schrecklichschön: geschenke, geschenke ,2016
* Die schönsten Mausmomente , 2017
* Die Wunde meiner Stadt – Asli, Duisburg und die Loveparade, 2018
* #jahrhundertsommer – Sonne satt und Schattenseiten, 2018

*  Mit Volldampf durch die Wüste, WDR Kiraka, 2018

* Anne und die Bankräuber, WDR Kiraka 2019—hoerspiel-fuer-kinder-100.html

* About Aphrodite’s recording Polaris arranged for String Quartett and their band, 2019
* Gilda has composed and arranged many songs for the music and comedy show Geierabend.

* 2019  Several times  tour winner of the „Theremin Star Contest“, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the theremin from Theremin Today, Russia.
* 2016  DFJP Award (German French Journalism Prize) for the Film #jesuischarlie: ein Hashtag und seine Folgen, directed by Christian Dassel andClemens Gersch.
*2013 Jazzprice Ruhr with The Dorf

Since 2013 she has been lecturer for saxophone and theremin at the University of Dortmund.


*About Aphrodite

Gilda Razani theremin / saxophone/ live electronic Hans Wanning piano / synthesizer/ live electronic  featuring Jaime Moraga Vasquez  drums/percussion

About Aphrodite is the exiting mix of post – jazz, film music , hypnotic grooves and atmospheric soundscapes with the instruments theremin, soprano saxophone, piano, electronics and drums. Their works range from concerts, film music scores and audio visual installations (by Mario Simon) to electronic live sets. They don’t care about categorizations. Worldmusic of the future, jazz, pop, rock, roots, techno or contemporary classical, it is always: both as well as. In any case, no band sounds like them! About Aphrodite  shapes their typical sound with the sonic beauty of the instrument theremin, which non contact is played. At first, they built their pieces around the theremin as main instrument , meanwhile, it is an integrated timbre of the overall sound. Together they explore its sonic possibilities. About Aphrodite summon the spirit of Phillip Glass, John Coltrane and Steve Reich in the same way as well as that of Radiohead, Trentemoeller, Pink Floyd, Pat Metheny or the Scandinavian sound of Nils Petter Molvaer.

*Duo Gilda Razani/ Hans Wanning
Hans Wanning and Gilda plays Jazz Standards and Classical Works with their instruments Theremin, Saxophone and Piano.

*My ThereminOrchestra
My Theremin Orchestra is Gilda’s solo project. She perform with her Theremin and her Electronics

*The Dorf
25 piece sound collective utopian beats, krautrock, jazz, trance, noise

*Radikal Audio Lab.
Duo Frank Niehusmann electronics and Gilda Razani theremin.