Gilda Razani I Theremin & Saxophone Gilda Razani I Theremin & Saxophone Gilda Razani I Theremin & Saxophone Gilda Razani I Theremin & Saxophone Gilda Razani I Theremin & Saxophone


Gilda Razani   Theremin / Saxophone/ Live Electronic/ Contemporary Composer/ Producer

Gilda Razani is one of the few professional Theremin players. Aside from her classical playing style, she goes in her compositions and improvisations to the contemporary boarders of her instrument. With electronic effects, she generates contemporary E-Guitar-like sounds in brute hard-rock aesthetics next to ecstatic Sinus sound creations, spherical choirs and tenderest noise minimalisms.

Musical background
The Iranian musician studied Saxophone at German university for music in Detmold where she passed her artistic maturity degree as orchestra musician. During her studies she performed together with Karl Heinz Stockhausen his work ‚Sternenklang‘. She participated in national youth jazz orchestra NRW and a master class of saxophone player Sigurd Raschèr. Furthermore she worked together with painters Helga Weihs and Andrea Behn and developed performances with free improvisation, playing piano and saxophone. This was the time when Gilda Razani gave her first classical saxophone concerts. Besides her studies she took lessons with Jazz saxophone player Matthias Nadolny and played in several Jazzbands, Ensembles with free improvisation and classical Formations.. Theremin lessons with Lydia Karina and Carolina Eyck were following.
Gilda developed her own musical approaches. Thus arose her duo with pianist Hans Wanning and her album Duo live (Munichrecords 2002), and Gilda Razani Group which turned later into Gilda Razani & They released recordings Bazaar (Traumtonrecords 2005), Remembrance (Timelinerecords 2009) and Nashira (ESC Records 2012). With band she toured through Italia, Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Estonia and played at many festivals, e.g.
Leverkusener Jazztage , Traumzeitfestival , Juicy beats (Germany) and Jazzkaarfestival (Estonia).

Current projects

About Aphrodite
Live Electronic Act/ Concert Live Set/ Contemporary Composer/ Producer
Gilda Razani theremin / saxophone/ live electronic   Hans Wanning  piano /keyboards/ live electronic

Membran Music
From neoromanticism to noise, from acoustic piano to distorted theremin sound, from Razani to Zawinul!
With hypnotic melodies and improvisations , gentle athmospheres  and cineastic soundscapes About Aphrodite go on a euphoric and energetic sound journey, inspired by the great symphony of the world and the sky is deep, dark, heavy and sweet!

Handmade Dance and Groove Liveset
Analog sounds and hypnotic drones and melodies are driven through the great symphony of the world by thrilling deep technoid rhythms, and the sky is deep, dark, heavy and sweet!

Festivals: Fusionfestival (DE) , Les Digitales (CH),  Spirit of the Woodstockfestival (IT), Jazz Province ( RU), Skandaloes Festival ( DE), Klangtherapie Festival (DE), Tropen Tango Festival (DE), Wurzelfestival (DE).

Recordings 2014  Ocean Lily , 2015  Faktor X released at  Aztek Electronic Music  Melbourne/Australia, 2018 Polaris released at Floating World Records/ London.

About Aphrodite//The Projection
This audiovisual act is the extended version of About Aphrodite. Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning  perform together with  Mario Simon and Jan Voges, both media artists in residence at the theatre Dortmund.

My ThereminOrchestra
My Theremin Orchestra is Gilda’s solo project.
She perform with her Theremin, her Looper and her Effects.

The Dorf
With The Dorf , the band conducted by Jan Klare, Gilda Razani played at Jazzfestival Moers, Germany (in 2011, 2012 and 2013) Jazzfestival Groningen, Netherlands and at Klarafestival in Bruxelles. The Dorf is winner of Jazz Award Ruhr 2013. The Dorf had guest musicians like FM Einheit ( Einstürzende Neubauten), Caspar Brötzmann and Shahzad Estefany.

Radikal Audio Lab.
Radikal Audio Lab is the electro-acoustical duo formation of Frank Niehusmann (electronics) and Gilda Razani (theremin).

Duo Hans Wanning/ Gilda Razani
The duo plays Jazz standards and Classic works with their instruments Theremin, Saxophone and Piano.

Gilda Razani and Hans Wanning are working for German television.
Since  2015  they have composed and produced numerous film scores for the WDR (West German Broadcasting, Cologne)
1. #weltuntergang: Der Sommer, der ins Wasser fiel 2.#jesuischarlie:Ein Hashtag und die Folgen 3.#fluechtlinge- was sind wir für ein Land 4.#germanwings- die Katastrophe. Rückblick und Gedenken 5.#land_unter-Der Unwetter-Sommer 2016 6.#monsterstau – Stillstand ist unser Leben!  7.#koelnhbf  8.schrecklichschön: weihnachten  9.schrecklichschön: geschenke, geschenke 10. Die schönsten Mausmomente.

2013 Jazzprice Ruhr with The Dorf
2016 DFJP Award (German French Journalism Prize) for the Film #jesuischarlie: ein Hashtag und seine Folgen, directed by Christian Dassel and Clemens Gersch.


2018 Theremin part in the opera Mozart ‚La finta giardiniera‘, theatre Baden- Baden.
Gilda Razani gave concerts with Trilok Gurtu, John Lee and Roy Assaf at Peace Festival in German city of Augsburg, with Sicilian Jazz Orchestra in Palermo, Italy. With Hikary she performed in Modena at the first European Women’s Jazz Festival and in Frascati at ‚Donne in Musica‘, both Italy. She was part of the formations Django’s Orientolgy Orchestra, Bescay, Monday Night Orchestra and Transorient Orchestra. Furthermore she had a performance with the Helmut Zerlett Band in the Harald Schmidt Show and provided musical accompaniment for German singer Max Raabe.
Gilda Razani performed ‚The Threepenny Opera‘ in Dortmund, Germany, conducted by Paul Wallfisch and collaborated with German cabaret artists and actors Martin Risse, Lioba Albus and Ulrich Gebauer and is part of the cabaret ensemble ‚Geierabend‘.

Since 2013 she has been lecturer for saxophone and theremin at Dortmund University.

Gilda is  Theo Wanne Endorser